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PRAKRITI - Documentary Film Festival 2014

Posted on: Jan 2015

The latest edition will be hosted by EMRC, St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata, from 23rd March till 25th March 2015 View Schedule

Entries. complete in all respects, should reach :
Director, EMMRC, St. Xavier's College (Autonomous),
50 Circus Avenue, Kolkata 700017 latest by 5PM on 20.02.2015

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For clarifications write to :  EMMRC Website

Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC), an inter-University Centre of UGC, has been organizing an annual Documentary Film Festival under the title Prakriti at various place s in India since 1997. The Festival is guided by CEC's belief in re-orienting education towards sustainable development, establish direct linkages between youth, development awareness and people's participation and showcases films on Environment, Development and Human Rights.

This Festival is spread over three days where filmmakers, students, academicians, administrators, development workers and media congregate. It reflects the crosscutting worlds of ecological challenges and economic opportunities, environmental perspectives and developmental objectives, grassroots voices and indigenous choices, environmental protection and natural resource degradation, gender sensitivity and human rights. Promoting awareness, appreciation and action, Pakriti Festival is a move towards a broad alliance of people working on the educational aspects of equity, ethics and ecology.

PRAKRITI is open to individual and institutional Indian Producers/Directors. It is non-competitive in nature and comprises a Screening cum Colloquium format. It involves open house sessions in which viewers such as students, teachers, academicians and media professionals interact with the makers and/or producers of the films being screened at the festival.

So far, Prakriti Festival has been organized in Hyderabad, Pune, Bhopal, Goa, Pondicherry, Jodhpur, Tripura, Mysore and Calicut. The latest edition will be hosted by EMRC, St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata , from 23rd March till 25th March 2015
Established in August, 1986, EMRC Kolkata is the only media centre under UGC hosted by an undergraduate college. Home to a dedicated group of professionals, the centre produces educational television programmes and multimedia courseware based on undergraduate syllabus, besides uploading lectures - on-demand and academic interactions through multicast facilities of the EduSat platform. It is acknowledged as one of the best media centres under UGC.

No doubt Prakriti 2014 will benefit from Kolkata's reputation as a cultural hub, especially her enthusiasm for artistic creations - be it music, theatre, painting, sculpture, photography, cinema or video. It is also a city where people take a keen interest in social and political issues. Films screened at Prakriti 2014 will not only have an enthusiastic audience but also receive interesting feedback and critical appreciation. Last but not the least, this festival will be driven by the Xaverian motto Nihil Ultra - Nothing Is Beyond.

Don't wait, send in your entries - and enjoy a whole new experience.