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National Cadet Corps (NCC)



Achievements of NCC Cadets

Following cadets of St. Xavier's College have been selected to participate in the Republic Day Camp 2016 at New Delhi:

  1. Siddharth Mehta, 2nd Year B.Com. (Morning)
  2. Pallavi Bajaj, 2nd Year B.Com. (Evening)
  3. Shrey Sharma, 1st Year B.Com. (Morning)
  4. Soutrik Goswami, 1st Year Computer Science
  5. Prathana Sarkar, 1st Year Political Science
  6. Nummeir Ahmed, 1st Year B.Com. (Morning)



NCC is an organization started by the Defense Ministry of India in order to gather likeminded men and women who can be taught the finer points of discipline, courage, integrity and most importantly leadership qualities.

St. Xavier's College N.C.C has strength of 160 students from various departments. Parades and courses are conducted in the college ground and in The Fort William. The NCC cadets of St. Xavier's College come under the 20 Bengal Battalion, NCC. It is a combined battalion and it gives equal opportunity to both boys and girls.

On 15th August, 2015 the college celebrated the Independence Day in the college quadrangle. Commodore Ashok Aukta, Group Commander of Kolkata - C Group, N.C.C. West Bengal and Sikkim Directorate was invited to hoist the National Flag. N.C.C. cadets of the college offered him a ceremonial guard of honour and offered Rashtriya salute to the National Flag. N.C.C cadets and Xadam performed a cultural programme for the occasion.

5 boy cadets went for a trek to the state of Kerala to Kerala Trek and few of the cadets participated in the cultural events, anchoring & extempore competitions.

Sagar Pradhan, a third year cadet of Political Science Department represented West Bengal & Sikkim Directorate of NCC in Republic Day Camp (RDC) held in January 2014 and represented India in Youth Exchange Program(YEP) in Singapore.

Bodhi Darshanee Rai, a second year cadet of B.A department represented West Bengal & Sikkim Directorate of NCC in Republic Day Camp (RDC) held in January 2105 and is selected for Youth Exchange Program(YEP) in Sri Lanka

Anumita Ghosh and Anindita Mondal,two girl cadets from B.M.M department represented the state to Ladakh Special National Integration camp and won prizes in the cultural competitions held there. Three boy cadets of the B.Com (M) Department attended the Indian Military Academy (I.M.A) attachment camp.

Michael Rony Mullick, a second year cadet from B.Com (M) department went for SNIC Leh and ALC. He also won prizes in cultural competition and overall performance in both the camps.

Three boy cadets of the unit represented the college to attend the Advanced Leadership Camp (A.L.C) held in Kharagpur.

Siddharth Mehta, a second year cadet from B.Com (M) was awarded the All India Best Cadet in Advance Leadership Camp (ALC) at IIT, Kharagpur. He also attended the Indian Military Attachment (IMA) camp in Dehradun.

Students who are willing to join NCC may contact
Capt. A. P. Mondal,