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Department of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Rev. Fr. Dr. Dominic Savio

Amitava Roy
St. Xavier's College offers one of kind BBA programme. It is meant for students who are motivated, disciplined, ready and eager to move ahead in the business world. It may sound a little too far fetched but our students appreciate that they learn theory as well as practical applications. It is based on the premise that the true mark of learning is not just what you know but what you can do with what you know. Our priority is to provide students a top-notch curriculum where emerging business leaders can build on their professional experiences and successfully contribute to their firms. This innovative programme is facilitated by multi-media learning environment enriched by face-to-face faculty mentoring and coaching. Ultimately, students will be able to demonstrate mastery of more than 30 business competencies - the skills that employers are looking for today.

This department is aware of the needs of our students specially keeping in mind the nature of today's business environment. We believe that in order to produce good students, we need excellent teachers. It has been our constant endeavor to attract faculty from a diverse field. We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of current pedagogy and incorporate new pedagogies appropriate to the discipline. As and where required we have incorporated technology into teaching and learning.


This prestigious program in management leading to a BBA degree is spread over three years and consists of six semesters, each approximately of six months duration. The program consists of 27 compulsory courses, and 4 specialization papers from any of the three elective groups totaling to 130 credits.

At St. Xavier's we believe theory is important, but it is of little value if students don't know their practical application. The program therefore lays strong emphasis in connecting theory and application. In the various courses key concepts are covered and then students are exposed to how they are played out in real business situations using case studies. To further strengthen this, students are mandatory required to undertake a term paper of 100 marks in semester IV and an internship in the third year leading to a project and comprehensive viva of 100 marks in semester VI.


The objective of the of the BBA program is to provide high quality education in management and prepare students

  • To join industry, business and non-profit organizations
  • Seek entrepreneurial venture
  • Pursue higher education in management