NIHIL ULTRA: Nothing Beyond

M.Sc. Multimedia (Integrated)

Fr. Dejus John Retnam (DJ), M.Sc. Comp. Animation
Head of the Department
M.Sc. MULTIMEDIA with specialization in Animation
[5 years integrated with exit option after 3 years with a B.Sc. Multimedia (Honours) degree]


M.Sc. Course in Multimedia is five year integrated UGC approved postgraduate degree programme with an option to exit after three years getting B.Sc. degree in Eastern India.

Our Mission is to educate and thus to create free thinking individuals who would bring about positive changes within society through their creative endeavours.

The discipline strives to impart quality education in the field of multimedia and animation and training for the betterment of indigenous design thought and praxis.

The field of commercial animation and digital art today is broad and diverse, and no longer dependent solely on film industry. These days, animators find work not only in animation films and television serials, but also in:

  • Feature film special effects
  • Production design
  • Graphic Design
  • Architecture and interior design
  • Entertainment production