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About Library

History of Central Library:

Until December 2008, St. Xavier's College had various departmental lending libraries and reading rooms namely:

  1. Arts & science lending and reading sections
  2. B.Com lending and reading sections
  3. Economics, Political Science& Sociology lending sections
  4. Book Bank

All these departmental libraries and the book bank got merged into one integrated centralized library since January 16, 2009. This got christened as Fr. Verstraeten Central Library in July 2015.

With the introduction of centralised library, the readers are given access to library documents, books and periodicals irrespective of their departments. The new centralized system provides open-access, where the readers find out their required books from the library shelves.

Thanks to UGC funding in 2008, after it had declared St. Xavier's as a Centre with Potential for Excellence (CPE) in May 2006 and the College became the first autonomous college in West Bengal in July 2006, the Central Library organized the retro-conversion of all the books and classified them under the scheme of Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), Sear's list of Subject Headings and Anglo-American Cataloguing scheme.

The entire database of the library was initially kept in LIBSYS-4.0 which has now been converted to KOHA open source Integrated Library Software (ILS), with the latest version 16.05.

All the books in the library are now catalogued, bar-coded and RFID tagged for easy circulation and better security.

Libraries in Campuses:

  1. St. Xavier's College main campus Library
  2. St. Lawrence campus Library
  3. Raghabpur campus Library
  4. Department of Education Library
  5. Goethals Library

Library Team:


Assistant Director:

Rev. Dr. Xavier Savarimuthu, SJ
Contact No. 22551106


Dr. Chinmay Mukhopadhyay
Contact No. 22551251

Library Staff:

  1. Mr. Clement Baptist (CB) - Library Clerk
  2. Mr. Jaideep Biswas (JB) - Library Clerk
  3. Mr. Sougata Chattopadhyay (SC) - Library Assistant, Contact No. 22551238
  4. Mr. Arup Sarkar (AS) - Library Assistant
  5. Mrs. Jhunu Chatterjee (JC) - Library Assistant
  6. Mr. Tapas Singha (TS) - Library Attendant
  7. Mr. Lawrence Subir Biswas (LSB) - Library Attendant
  8. Mr. Kinkor Mandal (KM) - Library Attendant
  9. Mr. Prodip Mondal (PM) - Library Attendant
  10. Mr. Pintu Bagh (PB) - Library Attendant
  11. Mrs. Teresa Champa Gomes (TCG) - Library Attendant
  12. Mr. Sourav Panja (SP) - Library Attendant
  13. Ms. Soma Das (SD) - Library Attendant
  14. Mr. Ashish Sardar (AS) - Library Attendant
  15. Mr. Kishan Mardi (KM) - Library Attendant

Library Committee:

  1. Rev. Dr. J. Felix Raj, SJ (Principal & Chairperson)
  2. Rev. Dr. Dominic Savio, SJ (Rector & Vice-Principal)
  3. Rev. Fr. Xavier Jeyaraj, SJ (Assistant Director)
  4. Dr. Chinmay Mukhopadhyay (Secretary)
  5. Prof. Bertram Da Silva
  6. Prof. Swati Sarkar
  7. Dr. Madhusree Mukherjee (HODs & Professors-in-Charge)
  8. Prof. Ashis Mitra
  9. Mrs. Jayati Adhya
  10. Mr. Saugata Chattopadhyay

Library Purchase Committee:

  1. Rev. Dr. J. Felix Raj, SJ (Principal & Chairperson)
  2. Rev. Dr. Xavier Savarimuthu, SJ (Assistant Director)
  3. Dr. Chinmoy Mukhopadhyay (Librarian)
  4. Prof. Swati Sarkar
  5. Prof. Ayan Chandra
  6. Prof. Anirban Ghosal

Floor Plan:

Ground Floor
  1. Library Reception
  2. Library Office
  3. Library Lending Counter No.1
  4. Library Lending Counter No.2
1st Floor
  1. Reference Section
  2. Newspaper, Journal & Magazine Section
  3. E-Resource Access Centre
  4. Reprography Centre
  5. Cubical Facility For Faculty Members
  6. Rare Book Collection
  7. New Arrivals
  8. Dept. of Education Library & Reading Room