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SXC - Books and Book Chapters


Physics Department

Dr. Tapati Dutta

  1. Effect of Chemical Kinetics on the Permeability of a Porous Rock: Scaling by Concentration of Active Fluid, T. Dutta, S. Sadhukhan and S. Tarafdar in Dynamical Systems and Methods, ed. A.C.J. Luo, J.A.T. Machado and D. Baleanu (Springer, New York, 2012) ISBN 978-1-4614-04538
  2. Desiccation Cracks and their Patterns: Formation and Modelling in Science and Nature, Lucas Goehring, Akio Nakahara, Tapati Dutta, So Kitsunezaki, Sujata Tarafdar ISBN: 978-3-527-41213-6, Wiley-VCH(2015)


Economics Department

Prof. Ritendra Roy

Sl. No. Author(s) Chapter Book Name Publisher
  Ritendra Roy Development of Science Education in India: Introspection Modern Trends in Education, edited by Dr. R. K. Jena (Chief editor) APH Publishing Corporation, New Delhi, India. ISBN 978-93-313-2596-9)
  Ramakanta Mohalik and Ritendra Roy Academic Leadership in School Education Educational Leadership and Management, Editor: Manas Ranjan Panigrahi Renu Publishers, New Delhi, India ISBN 978-81-930379-7-9
  Ritendra Roy Open and Distance Education in India: Advantages and Obstacles towards Quality Quality Assurance In Education, Editor: Jakir Hussain Laskar Harshwardhan Publication Pvt. Ltd., Limbaganesh, Maharastra, India,
ISBN: 978-93-85882-12-8


Political Science Department

Dr. Jhumpa Mukherjee

Book Chapters

Chapter Title Book Title Year Publisher Place
Arunachal Pradesh-from NEFA to Statehood in Indian Federalism
Meghalaya: From an Associate State to statehood and Beyond
Harihar Bhattacharyya and Katharine Adeney (eds.), The North East of India: Political Dynamics and issues 2017 Leverhulme International Network, University of Edinburgh Edinburgh

Bengali Department

Dr. Madhumita Bhattacharyya Roy

Type Book Title Editor Chapter/Article Year Publisher , place ISBN/ISSN
Edited Book Tarashankar Bandyapadhyay & his Short stories Dr. Subhendu Dasmunshi Published two essays (criticism based) in a book 2017-18 Ratnaboli 978-93-83093-14-4