The English Academy has stood as a refuge for creatively inclined minds across all departments. The society fosters cross fertilisation of both creative and critical approaches to literature and allied arts. Under the inspirational guidance of the Deputy President, Dr. Chandrani Biswas (Associate Professor, Department of English), and the Academy’s Core Committee seeks to uphold an unwavering commitment to inclusivity and original thought. In the 2022 session, the society is led by Aishwarya Bhattacharya (Secretary), Sayendra Basu (Assistant Secretary), and Shudh Mukherjee (Treasurer).

The Academy hosted its first on-site cultural event on 1st April 2022, following a long stint online. “Ekklesia,” organised by the outgoing undergraduate batch of 2022, was moderated by noted College alumni Priyam Marik (currently placed in The University of Sussex) and featured poetry readings, debates and discussions concerning upcoming trends in the literary arts.

Literaria, the society’s annual flagship event, was hosted on 29 September 2022. Entering its twentieth year of existence, Literaria ‘22 was focused upon the theme of ‘Transcending Traditions’. The one-day extravaganza sought to capture echoes of “the past, present, and future - existing all at once,” allowing students to unleash their artistic talents in a variety of on-stage, off-stage, and online events. Apart from the traditional competitive categories such as creative writing (fiction and poetry), performance poetry, literary quiz, and character representation, the event showcased mixed media arts including but not restricted to photography, doodling, and meme-making. The programme further featured special slam poetry and dance performances by core-committee members Camellia Choudhuri and Subhangi Roy. Literaria 2022 was concluded on a grand note by an original in-house dramatic production titled ‘I am Her’. Co-written by Chandrakala Ghosh and Kaninika De Sikdarand logistics by Ahana Mukhopadhyay the play embodied an intensely feminist ethos by re-viewing myth, history, and popular culture to unshackle women’s voices so long oppressed by patriarchal forces.