The Department of Environmental Studies of St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata was started in the year 2000. From the very first day of inception of the department, to foster a sustainable relationship   between the society and the natural world and to provide comprehensive education and raise awareness about environmental issues.

As the subject has been made compulsory for students of all the departments of the College, the department of Environmental Studies does indeed have the largest number of students under it. The faculty members approach the students with the idea that the subject must be taught to them in such a way that they come to the classrooms not just for the sake of attendance, but also with an unquenchable thirst of knowing the important issues of the ecological and environmental issues in the world.

The curriculum emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches, encouraging students to synthesize knowledge from various disciplines. The subject syllabi, curriculum and teaching were set up in such a way to create an interest for the subject within the student community irrespective of their own academic specialization. This holistic approach allows them to comprehend the interconnectedness of ecological systems, human behaviour, policy frameworks, and societal impacts on the environment. The multidisciplinary approach allows students to explore the intricate relationships between ecosystems, societies, and economies. 

 The faculty members have always tried to engage the students in classroom discussions. Also, the examination papers are set in a manner that the students have to keep abreast of all the latest happenings around the world that concern environmental issues. This is done with a view to help students in their future endeavours where entrance examinations to various institutions require the students to have an avid knowledge of the current affairs. Thus, the students are imparted with a sense of awareness regarding the serious environmental crisis that is confronting the human race at the present moment.

This collaborative approach encourages students to think critically, consider multiple perspectives, and develop well-rounded solutions to complex environmental problems. Apart from regular teaching, seminars, conferences and workshops are regularly organized by the department. One of the critical aspects of the Department of Environmental Studies is its commitment to research. Faculty members are involved in research works contributing to understanding of environmental challenges and potential solutions. There are multiple ongoing research projects and collaborations in this department and students of different departments are sent for Internship Programs to reputed institutions for encouraging collaborative research.

The higher motive, however, is that the students become environmentally more conscious and implement the learning into their own daily lives. As the adage goes that charity begins at home, the smallest of activities carried out in the campus such as classroom and campus cleanliness, health and hygiene practices like prohibition of smoking within the premises, use of recyclable cups and paper plates that are easily disposable and do not cause any pollution, saving of energy by switching off lights and fans while leaving the classrooms have already created the future eco-warriors to save the resources for the future generations. The success of the course lies in bringing these attitudinal changes in the hearts of the student community.