Guidelines for Ph.D Supervisors

  1. All faculty members of the college holding doctorate degree and having a minimum of 2 papers in refereed journals are eligible to guide Ph.D. scholars. 

  2.  No Supervisor shall have more than four Ph.D. scholars as Assistant Professor, six for Associate Professors.

  3. The Supervisor has to express the desire for accepting Ph.D candidates before the RET every year. 

  4. The Supervisor can take candidates subsequent to the submission of Synopsis by the respective scholars. 

  5. The Supervisor has to abide by the regulations prevailing in the institution.

  6. The Supervisor must mention the source of funding for carrying out the research project.

  7. The Supervisor cannot accept a Ph.D candidate singly during the last two years of his service.

  8. The Co-supervisor for a Ph.D candidate enjoys the same benefit as the Principal Supervisor except for access to research funds.

  9. The Supervisor has to take the responsibility of conducting the RAC as per the regulation. 

  10. The progress of the work should be regularly monitored and in case of any major problem, the Ph.D coordinator will be informed.