The year began with three Semesters II, IV and VI . In the month of February the Semester II section 2 students were taken by Mrs. Ray for a historical trip to the Park Street cemetery. They made a study of the different tombstones, from the time of the East India Company. Of particular interest was the grave of Henry Vivian Derozio, about whom they study during the course of the semester.

Film shows were organized by the Department for the students of semester IV Nicholas and Alexandria and Semester VI Gandhi . Both these films depict a period of history which is a part of their course . The students of Semester II were shown a documentary Searchers which deals with the Bhakti movement. It is of interest that this documentary was prepared by the students of the Dept .of Film Studies of this college.

Students of all Semesters prepared projects as a component unit of the CIA.

In the academic year beginning July 2010, the Department saw a new part-time lecturer in Ms. Chirontoni Das. This Semester was fairly even and uninterrupted.

The new Semester I students prepared a project on the Reformation Movement for which they were previously shown a film , Martin Luther. The Semester IV students presented a project on Noble Art and Architecture:. These will be displayed in a exhibition organized by the Department at the beginning of the next Semester.


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