A students’ body in educational institutions stands as a pillar that operates as a source for aggregating interest. It gives students a platform to present their recommendations, ideas, and suggestions, whereby every student gets an opportunity to project their greater aim in solving crises and to extend a helping hand to those in need. With such foundational ideas, the Students’ Council of St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous) stands as an upright body of vivacious students who are committed to their leadership role and to maintain a space for all.

After the most spectacular event of the college, "Xavotsav 2020," themed 'Picturing Paradise', and under the secretaryship of the former General Secretary of the Students’ Council, Rishi Basu, the Students’ Council was engaged in numerous activities even during the lockdown phase of years 2020-2022, organising several events on a digital platform. The Xavier’s Premier League – the college’s most awaited and engaged sport’s event in collaboration with the Department of Sports was organised, whereby numerous students participated in quiz, digital games, among other activities. The Council, taking consideration of the situational crisis, remained proactive, responsible, and helpful to those in need, thereby having its consciousness cued on the development of the college community

The Students’ Council in collaboration with the Department of Sports, organised the most anticipated and observed sports event in the college – the Xavier’s Premier League, 2022. Inaugurated by the Principal, Vice-Principals and guests of honours, Mr. Arun Lal and Mr. Jimmy Tangree, XPL’22 was a two-day sports event attracting participation of over 550 registrations within the College. With a wide range of sports events like Football, Table Tennis, Basketball, E-Sports, Chess and Darts, XPL carried a sense of nostalgia and euphoria for the students. In its full bloom in the Xavier’s ground after two years of online College, the students engaged with outmost enthusiasm and passion. With minute planning, arrangements, and execution, the Students’ Council and the Department of Sports meticulously took care of Covid protocols as well as the precautions and first aid needed for all players.

As a franchise-based event, Xavier’s Premier League saw the arrangement of teams through capable leadership and intense groundwork. Franchises included Titans, Titan Rangers, Majestics, Mavericks, Anti-Hero League, Anti-Hero Extreme, Titanium, Hostels United and Hostels-Phoenix United. Among them, Anti-Hero League bagged the Best Franchise award, having the greatest number of wins under its banner. It was a show of colourful jerseys, passionate supporters, and equally energetic players. XPL also included a sports’ photography competition prior to the commencement of the grounds event, which saw numerous submissions from talented photographers across various departments. The winners were awarded prizes and certificates for their achievements, and the dignitaries felicitated the core organising committee of XPL’22.

The Students’ Council also actively engages in inter-college fests, whereby students from the College get an opportunity to participate in different events to showcase their talents, present their ideas, and engage in collaborative and competitive programmes. Most enthusiastically, the students participated in debates in Guwahati Medical College and West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences; qualified for finals in ‘Milieu’ of Presidency College, Kolkata; participated in the West Bengal Youth Parliament Competition, 2022, organised in Scottish Church College; qualified in Prajatantra 2021 and the Zoo Festival organised by Zoological Gardens, Kolkata, among other reputed events. The Students’ Council yearly becomes involved in the Christmas Meet organised by the College in association with the Alumni Association, and performs executionary functions and volunteering.

The Students’ Council, thus, remains a body of diligent, laborious, and insightful individuals who are always prepared to earnestly engage in work pertaining to students’ and the College’s interests. This is a Council that always takes a step beyond in terms of action, responsibility, and judgement, thereby working in consensus with reality as well as with expected demands. Its engagements and inclinations towards representation, communication, and student leadership are visible through its performativity. In the absence of an elected General Secretary due to the lockdown, former Working Committee Member Ms Subhangi Roy has been co-ordinating all the activities of the Council and has displayed exemplary leadership qualities in accomplishing the long-term aims of the college and of the students. The Students’ Council therefore stands as an upright bearer of the Xaverian spirit of ‘Nihil Ultra’.