With the new Academic year of 2019-2020, the Fine Arts Society of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata in the month of September began with their much-awaited event, Sunset Jam. This year just like the rest saw the best of entries with some amazing performances from students of college. Following the success of their previous event, the Society started a new event called Perspective. This was event was started with the intention of giving a chance to students to express themselves in various art forms like stand-up comedy, one act play and dance. This gave them the exposure and the stage to showcase their talents. We even held a quiz on Popular Arts which was very well received. We were proud to have Mr. Aniruddha Banerjee as our Guest Judge for the stand-up comedy which was the perfect highlight event to end the day with.

In the month of January 2020, the Fine Arts Society in collaboration with the Student’ Council was back with Sunset Jam right before the flagship event of the college, Xavotsav. It was conducted in the form of a bonfire night in the field with everyone bonding over the warmth of bonfire, beautiful art display and soulful music on a cold January evening. This year seemed different due to our Guest performer Mr. Apoorva Tamang, who with his voice and music made it an evening to remember for every student.

In February, the Fine Arts Society decided to organise X-hibit, a 5-day workshop program for the students of the college. The society saw a lot of participation for the workshops and it was a great success in giving students the scope to a better understanding about Cartoon Painting, Street Jazz, Digital Marketing, Photojournalism and Performance Poetry.

Finally, March came and it was time for the Fine Arts Society’s flagship event, Carnival of Rust which was brought back after a year. This time unlike last year it was a two-day event and included Mosaique and Western Music Concert as well. We were honoured to be graced by our judges Mr. Sounak Chacraverti for Mosaique, Mr. Kamran Khurshid and the Moksha Band for Western Music Concert, Mr. Saurabh Bangani and Mr. Vivek Jaiswal for our dance event. Also, impressed by the stand-up performances in Perspective, Mr. Aniruddha Banerjee decided to rejoin us for stand-up comedy. Mr. Uttam Sharma judged for Face painting and finally Mr. Sourasis Bose and Mr. Arijit Mondal were the quiz masters for quiz. The Carnival of Rust was an amalgamation of all these events in the span of two days and the efficiency to conduct it would not have been possible without the help of the society members who had given a lot of their time in the preparation for the event. This event brought the best in people performers and non-performers alike.

This eventful year would definitely not have been possible without the unending support of our Deputy President, Professor Bertram Da Silva, and the constant efforts and hard work of our Secretary Ms. Shivangi Sen who held the society together and pushed each and every member of the society to be their absolute best. As always, the Fine Arts Society strived to be an outlet for the students of the college to express their artistic selves and this year pushed further to help grow an understanding of Art as a whole.