The department of Political Science is a part of the glorious heritage of St. Xavier’s College and remains committed to the Xaverian vision of academic excellence and the maintenance of an environment where the mind is led forward into ever-widening thought and action. The faculty members are actively engaged in teaching and research. They are regular invitees to and participants in seminars and conferences, both national and international. While nurturing young minds, the department seeks to elevate standards of learning and at the same time care is taken to mentor and guide those who are not as confident. In keeping with the UGC guidelines and requirements the Dept has introduced a new syllabus under the Choice Based Credit System or CBCS from July 2018. This offers students a greater measure of choice and scope to concentrate on and pursue areas that interest them. The course provides a comprehensive programme of instruction in the fundamental areas of the discipline: political thought and ideas, political institutions and processes, international relations, comparative politics, political sociology and public administration to name a few. The dissertation paper at the end of the course encourages eager learners to explore and investigate areas that interest them in order to expand their creativity both in the realm of further academic research as well as in other professional engagements.

With the introduction of the CBCS syllabus at the undergraduate level in 2018 and the newly introduced Post Graduate Programme in 2019 the faculty members of the Department have endeavoured to create a space where students are encouraged to articulate, discuss, debate and collectively deliberate on important aspects of politics. It is this spirit as a team bound by a unity of purpose that has enabled students and faculty to actively engage in classroom teaching and learning and simultaneously organize/attend a number of activities since July 2019. In recognition of the academic interests of the faculty and students of the department, University of Calcutta has in 2022 granted affiliation for opening Ph.D programme in Political science.