Scholarship Policy Statement

St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata is committed to fostering a community of men and women for others, guided by the principle of empowerment through education. In alignment with this ethos, our scholarship policy reflects a deep-seated dedication to the empowerment of economically challenged groups and the expansion of access to education for all. Our heritage institution, with its rural campus at Raghabpur, stands as a testimony to our enduring dedication to the upliftment of the poor and the needy through quality education.

  • I. Economic Empowerment Scholarships:
    • a. Eligibility Criteria:
      • Applicants must demonstrate financial need.
      • Preference will be given to students from economically challenged backgrounds.
    • b. Scholarship Coverage:
      • Full or partial fee waivers.
      • Additional financial assistance for educational materials and related expenses.
  • II. Meritorious Student Rewards:
    • a. Eligibility Criteria:
      • Awarded based on academic achievements and excellence.
      • Encourages healthy competition among students.
    • b. Reward Structure:
      • Merit-based scholarships for top-performing students.
      • Recognition through awards and certificates.
  • III. Climate Disaster Aid and Fund Scholarships:
    • a. Eligibility Criteria:
      • Open to students affected by climate disasters.
      • Rapid response to alleviate financial burdens caused by such events.
    • b. Scholarship Coverage:
      • Immediate financial aid for fees, accommodation, and essential needs.
      • Collaborations with relief agencies for comprehensive support.
  • IV. Pandemic Resilience Scholarships:
    • a. Eligibility Criteria:
      • Available to students facing financial hardships exacerbated by pandemics.
      • Designed to support those affected directly or indirectly by global health crises
    • b. Scholarship Coverage:
      • Special concessions on fees during pandemics.
      • Additional aid for technology and remote learning resources.

The College encourages students to apply for Central and State government scholarships and the Treasurer’s Office, Departments and the IQAC office proactively guide students in the relevant procedures for timely disbursement. The College also permits private individuals, distinguished Alumni members to institute private scholarships for meritorious students.

This comprehensive scholarship policy underscores St. Xavier’s College’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity, equality, and the creation of responsible global citizens. Through these initiatives, we strive to make quality education accessible to all, ensuring that no student is left behind, irrespective of their economic or social background.