The Department of Mathematics of St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata is one of the vintage departments and has an illustrious legacy since its inception. The department is a brainchild of Rev. Fr. F. Goreux, who was associated with this department from 1940 to 1987 and led a vital steppingstone in its eminence. Fr. Goreux nourished and nurtured this department as it started its journey of evolution and played a vital role in its upbringing from tender infant stage to jovial youthful stage. He was a consistent source of ingenuity and idolisation for this department and served it for nearly a semi century. Cohort of teachers and students over the years have relished his warmth and love for the subject and acclaimed from the intellect of this missionary of Mathematics. The department is steered by a committed and stalwart team of professors who seek to constructively implement the objective of imparting knowledge in Mathematics, which is acclaimed for uniformly preserving its calibre of academic and scholastic distinction over the years. We are indeed privileged enough to have some of the eminent and distinguished Mathematicians of the country like Late Prof. S. Nag (Bhatnagar Awardee), Prof. A. Roy (I.S.I.), Prof. Amartya Dutta (I.S.I, Kolkata), Late Prof. Somesh Bagchi (I.S.I, Kolkata), Dr. Arup Mukherjee (Mont Clair University), Prof. Mahan Mitra (Bhatnagar Awardee, Infosys Prize 2015 recipient), Prof. Avishek Adhikary (Presidency University), Dr. Rajat Subhra Hazra (Bhatnagar Awardee), Dr.Vishal Saraswat (Robert Bosch Engineering Solutions, Bangalore) as some of the august and esteemed alumni of this department.

The department proudly swaggers about a healthy and cordial student teacher relationship. The professors are readily approachable to the tutees and the students are congenial enough to requite them with utmost esteem, approbation, and regard. The Mathematics Department has a sympathetic, benevolent, and supportive proficiency, who are approachable to the students anytime during the college hours. The students can contact the professors outside college hours via e-mail or phone. The department works in tandem, with mutual respect and fellow feeling, to generate an atmosphere conducive to higher learning. Marked and particular attention is paid to the deprived and destitute students of the class. The teacher student relationship thrives and is exhibited during the Annual College Sports, Analytica (the departmental two-day annual fest), The Beacon (the yearly departmental journal and magazine), Father Goreux Lecture Series and many other departmental activities and maneuvers.


  • The professors’ resort to audio and visual aids to instil and impart unrestricted concepts to the students.
  • Seminars and paper presentations are conducted by the students during the departmental annual fest,
  • The Father Goreux Lecture Series is an excellent initiative undertaken by the department where eminent speakers are invited to impart knowledge to our students.
  • The department also publishes its annual magazine, The Beacon, where we invite every student to express and exhibit their intellectual deeds as well as creative minds to portray themselves.
  • Study materials, worksheets and assignments are shared periodically with the students to gear them up for their future commitments.


The students of our department have established themselves in various parts of the world and have earned themselves a recognition in the world stage.

  • Every year our students score impressively in IITJAM and get recruited in the various IITs and IISERs for their integrated Ph.D like IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, IISER Pune and IISER Mohali to name a few.
  • Our students are also selected for the MTTS Programme (Mathematics Talent and Talent Search Programme) which is an all-India extensive training programme in Mathematics and research sponsored by
  • Several of our students have been admitted to premier mathematical institutes of the country like TIFR (Mumbai), CMI (Chennai), ISI (Kolkata and Bangalore), IMSc (Chennai), IISc (Bangalore), RKMVERI (Belur) and Central Universities (Delhi University, Hyderabad University, Pune University and Pondicherry University to name a few).
  • Some students have been selected to study at Ecole Polytechnique (France), Cardiff University (UK) and in different foreign universities.
  • Few students have also been enrolled into fields of Data Science and Data Analytics in RKMVERI (Belur) and CMI.
  • Students have also been selected to pursue a career in Management from IIMs, MCA, and Actuarial Sciences.