The Department of Multimedia offers an integrated course entitled5 Years Integrated: Multimedia with specialisation in Animation / Design / Film Studies & Production.

The course has three separate Masters programmes running parallel in an interdisciplinary format. The courses are designed to guide students to explore both the theoretical and practical aspects of media production and media culture. The department uses industry-standard equipment and training to impart professional as well as academic knowledge to students in their respective areas of specializations.

The courses seek to enable them to choose careers from among a wide variety of extant and emerging fields that make up the domain of multimedia in the contemporary world. The Department is committed to inculcating an ethos for visual cultural practices among its students through both curricular as well as extra-curricular activities, while also maintaining a traininglevel that can prepare them for their professional lives in the most comprehensive manner possible.

Our Mission is to educate and create free-thinking individuals who can bring about positive changes within society through their creative endeavours.The programme strives to impart quality theoretical education in the field of multimedia alongside adequate practical training for an all-round development of the constantly shifting notions of media practice in the contemporary world.