St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata is the first to offer a Postgraduate Data Science course under the University of Calcutta. This course is designed to develop an in-depth understanding of the key concepts and technologies in data science, machine learning, visualization techniques, predictive modeling, and statistics. Integrating the fields of Statistics, Computer Science, and Optimization Techniques, this course intends to create adept and well-versed data scientists by exposing the students to real-world problems in the classroom and through experiential learning. Tailored soft-skill development sessions and personalized mentorship training are held to complement their technical skills. Presently, the curriculum is being tailored within the framework of the Industry-Academia Interface.

The inaugural cohort (2022-2024) of the Postgraduate Data Science program leveraged impactful internships (data analyst, data scientist, etc.) to hone their skills and contribute to the field. Building on this success, the (2023-2025) cohort boasts a 68% internship placement rate, facilitated by dedicated mentors and targeted skill development programs.

The foundational cohort (2022-2024) of the Postgraduate Data Science program achieved remarkable success. Graduates secured prestigious positions in diverse fields, including Industry and Functional Analyst, Data Scientist/ML Engineer Consultant, and Graduate Trainee. This program equips students with the necessary skills to excel in the data science field, as evidenced by the impressive placements of our pioneering graduates.

The Mean and Median package received by the batch is 7.175 LPA and 6.5 LPA respectively. The highest package reaching 20.15 LPA