The Xavier’s Management Society aspires to form leaders of tomorrow - people with the acumen and skills required to be successful in all walks of life. The motto of our society - “Explore. Meet. Connect.” perfectly symbolizes our ever-rising thirst to explore beyond the ordinary, meet with peers and professionals and connect to form everlasting bonds. The society was established in September 2010 with the vision of creating like-minded individuals who could tread the path toward ultimate success. With a myriad of events such as X-Confero, Xavier’s Management Convention, and X-Genesis, along with the X-Ecutive, our annual departmental magazine, XMS provides the perfect platform for students to etch an impression. We have around 100 members in our society, with the first years being the team members, the second years being the Working Committee Members and the third years forming the XMS Board.


X-Confero is an international-level debating event comprising several dynamic rounds to wring out one's true potential in the domains of oratory and management. It provides College students from across the country with a prodigious platform where they can exhibit their insight, persuasiveness, and administrative ability which are of supreme importance to a manager. The event comprises X-Confero 22's theme “Undiminished Passion” was all about encouraging students to embrace broader horizons. We witnessed registrations from top reputed colleges in India as well as from international universities. Over 100 aspirants engaged in a battle of wits and words in the 7-day event, starting from 26th January and culminating on the 3rd of February. Ultimately conquering the gladiatorial challenges, Scottish Church College took the trophy home.

Proceeding with enthusiasm, we had the honour of hosting quintessential speakers including Ms. Kiran Bedi (the leading female IPS Official of India), Mr. Tarun Arora (CEO of Zydus Health), Mr. Vipin Sondhi (Previous MD and Chief of Ashok Leyland) and Mr. Ashok Ramachandran (Chief and Leader of Schindler India) who unequivocally ignited the minds of emerging leaders with thought-provoking topics, thus ending the event on a successful note.


After a highly successful X-Confero’22, we conducted our annual management festival - the Xavier’s Management Convention in the month of April. Being our flagship event, it radiates an invigorating aura and provides an international zone of experience to participants, judges, and attendees from across the globe and we were ready again with a stirring round of panel discussions, speaker sessions, and gruelling contests.

The exposition of XMC '22 was through the highly anticipated XMC Launch - the first offline spectacle in the college after 2 years of the pandemic, held on the 4th of April,2022. A show of grandeur and thrill, it provided students with a glimpse of the exhilarating event. It witnessed the presence of all the students and faculty members of the college and set the stage for the success of XMC’22.

Breaking barriers of talent, impeccable zeal, and unending glory, XMC’22 was held over 2 days on the 9th and 10th of April, 2022 and was a show of perpetual hard work and a striving urge to discover 7 different events, attain knowledge, and step upon the journey to victory. For this edition of XMC, we had seven galvanizing events - Best Manager, Finance, Marketing, HR-IR-PR, Strategic Management, Binge-Con, and Sports Management. It witnessed the participation of students from esteemed colleges such as the University of Essex, Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, St. Xavier’s University, and J.D. Birla Institute amongst others.

Along with the multitude of competitive rounds, we were thrilled to host Mr. Rahul Agarwal (Former CEO and MD of Lenovo, South Asia), Mr. Bipul Chandra (MD of Ducati India), and Mr. Harjeet Khanduja (VP, HR at Reliance Jio) to share their remarkable experiences and knowledge and instill the feeling of success in the 6000+ students that witnessed these sessions.

The X-Ecutive Vol. XVIII

After an electrifying XMC’22, we launched the annual departmental magazine - The X-Ecutive Vol. XVIII - A Rhythm of Reflections on the 28th of June 2022. The theme for this year’s magazine was “musings” - helping our endeavours into the realm of critical thinking and discovering how we can grow as human beings. From invigorating articles about the

After an electrifying XMC’22, we launched the annual departmental magazine - The X-Ecutive Vol. XVIII - A Rhythm of Reflections on the 28th of June 2022. The theme for this year’s magazine was “musings” - helping our endeavours into the realm of critical thinking and discovering how we can grow as human beings. From invigorating articles about the various facets of the business world to insightful and inspiring interviews of successful personalities, it aims at enlightening readers all over the globe about the various facets of life. Our magazine covers a myriad of genres such as business, sports, entertainment, current affairs, and technology. The X- Ecutive Vol. XVIII - A Rhythm of Reflections had articles about the metaverse, financial investment, football, and electric vehicles among many other spectrums. We also had interviews with many accomplished personalities across the globe.

The main highlight of our magazine every year is our celebrity interviews. The Editorial Department of our society brings together individuals from several walks of life each year who, through their work and unwavering spirit, have captured the hearts of people all around the world. Through their interview, they share their success story with us and provide us with valuable life lessons that act as stepping stones on our road to success. Over the years we have interviewed celebrities like Mr. Sourav Ganguly, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Ms. Sakshi Malik, and Mr. Philip Kotler among many other notable names. This year we were privileged enough to interview personalities like Mr. Shantanu Maheshwari (Bollywood Actor), Mr. Umesh Yadav (Indian Cricketer), Mr. Ronojoy Dutta (CEO of Indigo Airlines), and Mr. Jubin Nautiyal (Playback Singer) being some of them.


X-Genesis, our first calendar event of the academic year, is an event curated exclusively for the first-year students of our institution. It is a pathway for the freshers of our College towards unwavering business acumen and management proficiency. It includes events from various management domains like marketing, finance, and public relations amongst others. The primary objective is to give the first-year students real-world corporate exposure and understanding so that they can realize their respective goals in a more cognizant way.

The theme for X-Genesis’22 was “Formula 1”. Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motor racing and a global spectacle. Drawing a parallel between Formula 1 and management was of prime importance to us, as the participants meandered their way around the track of challenges that came their way. Being the first full scale offline event after Covid-19, we received a tremendous response from the freshers in the form of more than 400 registrations for our event. Over the four days of exhilarating and mind-bending rounds held from the 16th to the 19th of September, the participants of X-Genesis were able to showcase their acumen and “break through the bastion”.

We had the privilege of having two of esteemed speakers for our keynote sessions- Mr. Ankur Warikoo and Mrs. Anamika Khanna. We had an online session with Mr. Ankur Warikoo (Internet entrepreneur and acclaimed author) who illuminated us with the “growth mindset”. We were proud to host Mrs. Anamika Khanna, an internationally acclaimed fashion designer, at the Fr. Depelchin Auditorium for her speaker session which had over 1500+ attendees. It was an enriching experience for all those who attended the event and helped us bring out the curtains on a highly successful X-Genesis’22.


Recruitments, an invitation to the first-year students of the BMS batch to become a part of the society, is an opportunity for them to hold invigorating events, explore their potential and imbibe enriching experiences of a lifetime by becoming a part of our legacy. Their addition to our society encourages us to move forward into yet another year brimming with new challenges and possibilities that uphold the endless magnificence of our society. Recruitments’22 witnessed registrations from 150+ students from our department. The students had to sit for a personal interview where their business acumen, time management skills and cognitive abilities were tested. Through this, students got the opportunity to gain real-life corporate interview experience.

The qualifiers of the interviews were inducted into the society and its workings with the promise of continuing to uphold our society’s glory with many more successful events to come.

NGO Visit in December

The Xavier’s Management Society is not only known for the magnitude of events it conducts for students across the world to put their managerial skills to test but also for its nature of giving back to the society as a part of its social responsibility. Over the years, we have conducted social drives where we continue to help out specially abled and disadvantaged children and the elderly.

In the spirit of Christmas, the Xavier’s Management Society would be giving back to the society through the means a social initiative in collaboration with the NSS. As the arrival of winter brings with it the warmth of lights, we hope to enrich our soul with unbound joy and the memories we create there will be etched in our heart for years to come.

Through our impactful efforts, we hope to bring about change by engaging students in discussions that are both inspiring and thought provoking. We at the Xavier’s Management Society thus provide an invigorating platform for you to unleash your talents, explore your capabilities and assimilate augmenting experiences of a lifetime.