The College has in place an Anti-Ragging Committee headed by our Principal Rev. Dr. Dominic Savio.

The Committee consists of the Vice-Principals, Deans, Hostel Director and other staff members as per follows:

  • Rev. Dr. Dominic Savio, S.J.- Principal & Chairperson
  • Prof. Bertram Da ‘Silva
  • Rev. Dr. Joseph Kulandai, S.J.
  • Rev. Peter. Arockiam, S.J.
  • Rev. Johnson Padiyara, S.J.
  • Dr. Charlotte Simpson Veigas
  • Dr. Ayan Chandra
  • Rev. David Paulraj, S.J.
  • Dr. Soheli Ghosh
  • Dr. Tapati Dutta
  • Dr. Panchali Sen
  • Dr. Sanjib Kumar Basu
  • Dr. Amitava Roy
  • Dr. Argha Banerjee
  • Dr. Atish Prosad Mondal
  • Dr. Sumona Ghosh
  • Prof. Sougata Banerjee
  • Dr. Ipsita Barat
  • Dr. Kasturi Sarkar
  • Dr. Sudakshina Basu- Raghabpur Campus
  • Mrs. Feroza Mogrelia- Convener

The Committee which meets each semester has recommended the following policy:

  1. The College has a zero tolerance towards ragging in any form on the campus and hostels.
  2. Cyber bullying, Harassment or ragging in any form on social media is also considered as ragging and would be dealt with appropriately.
  3. Freshers Welcome on or off the campus is not allowed.
  4. Students are sensitized about the College policy through Class mentors and Heads of Departments
  5. The tradition of a zero ragging campus is reiterated each year on Batch Inauguration days of all Departments. Principal and Vice-Principals elucidate this rule and make it amply clear that the College environment is safe and conducive for all students.
  6. Students are encouraged to report any incident of ragging if at all to their Vice-Principals, Class mentors, Head of Departments or Deans. Swift action is guaranteed.

It would be further recommended that the Anti-Ragging page on the College Website display along with the Anti Ragging Committee:

  1. College Policy on Anti Ragging.
  2. Link to the UGC Anti Ragging Cell.

Students can educate themselves further through this Link regarding policy and redressal in the event of them being exposed to Ragging in any situation. Adequate publicity is given to this policy through notices and the College website.

Tradition of camaraderie is ensured by seniors to the juniors and is passed down each year which is the best practice followed in the college with regard to keeping our campus physically and virtually Ragging free.

In the assessment period from 2017… no case of Ragging has been registered with the College Anti-Ragging Committee.

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