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 PRAYAS : An Effort


“Your little sacrifice each day, so that our children could have better tomorrow, is a sign that you are truly part of our wider family. Thank you very much therefore for your contributions each month for the welfare of our children. You can be sure that every paise that you sacrifice for our children is received with heartfelt gratitude and reaches the children, and you will see that when you visit our village. We believe that you too cherish the joy of sacrificing something for this little children, so that they too taste and see the beautiful things in life.”
Fr Jullian Das, SJ
On behalf of all the children in Jhantipahari

“St. Xavier’s College students come to Debipur regularly. The concern they show for them by coming and giving their energy and time for these children is praiseworthy and we are grateful to them for this. I believe that we poor people will want to study more and progress in life. Our children have learnt a lot from these Dadas and Didis specially English and Maths.”
Uma Majhi
Debipur, Village Animator

“This is a great initiative taken by St. Xavier’s College, we will make sure to keep up this initiative and by spreading awareness among the fellow friends and relatives, we want to ignite the same fire that is now burning in us.”
Bibhu Das
B.Com (M), Student

“Eikhane Ese amra didi dada der songe khub anando korlam. Tara amader ke bhujhtei deyeni je amra tader moto sahorer chele meye noi, tader moto Englishbolte parina, tader moto bhalo jama kapor amader nei….dada didi ra amader dike bondhutter haath bariye diechilo….tader byabohaar amar khub bhalo legeche….jani naa St.Xavier's
College e asar abar sujog hobe kina….but ei teen din ami konodin bhulbo naa.”

(We enjoyed to the fullest with our 'dadas' and 'didis' after coming here. They didn't make us feel that we are not urban-bred boys and girls like them neither we can speak in English like them. Moreover, we don't have nice dresses like them….Dada and Didi extended their friendship lovingly….I am touched by their behaviour….I don't know that whether we'll get the opportunity to come in St. Xavier's College again...But these three days I will never forget…
Rinki Pal
A Bholakhali Student


PRAYAS - The Fruit Bearing Tree


Village to College - College to Village
An Interaction with
Rev. Fr. Dr. J. Felix Raj, SJ
Tête à Tête with Rev. Fr. Dr. J. Felix Raj, SJ
-The inspiration behind the movement
Facts and Figures
Thumbs Up : Feedback
"If colleges and villages meet, there will be a knowledge revolution,” believes Fr. Felix Raj, SJ, the person behind the success of Prayas.
Students Speak about their experience in Villages
“The camp was an enriching experience. Interacting with the children and teaching them was an experience never to be forgotten. Every moment spent there has left me spellbound and I would like to go again to discover new things.” Srijain Acharya

“The camp was indeed very educative for me. The children were punctual and hardworking. I await a chance to go there again.” Suman Poddar

“It was a unique learning experience not only for the kids but for us students. I have learnt to live for others.” Ritesh Khetan

“Going to Gurap has been a lifetime experience and I am satisfied that I brought smiles on the faces of some children.” Boris Lakra

“This camp has made me realize that life is not to be sitting idle; it is full of responsibility and hard work. I consider myself fortunate to have gone for this camp and to have learnt the deeper meaning of life.” Piyush Munot

“After attending this camp I have learnt to be more self-dependent as I witnessed these little children doing all their work independently. Be it washing their clothes or getting ready for school, they did all by themselves.” Ankur Dhanuka
“The camp was a different experience altogether. I felt a sense of satisfaction by serving others and living the way they do. Even though the camp was for a few days it has taught me lessons for a lifetime.” Nikhil Saraf

“The camp was a great experience and I am looking forward to serve these children in a better way in future.” Binod Homagai

“Camps at Gurap and Pandua had been a new experience in my life. Living with children for five days, sharing their food at Pandua, playing with them, interacting with them was all new to me. But at the end of those five days, I realized that I would be missing after I return. Until and unless one goes to a camp, one would never feel for this project”. Ignatius Rozario

“An experience never to be forgotten and we all would love to have many such experiences. May God bless those children and endow them with the power of learning.” Arjun Karnani



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