Book Chapters

Dr. Ipsita Barat

  • Barat, I. (2022). The Emerging Narratives of Pre-Designed Hindi Cinema. In Krystian Cholaszczynski (Ed.). Wizualizacja w mediach, nauce I technice.
  • Barat, I. & Gangopadhyay K. (2022). A Tribute to a star director of Bengali cinema Tarun Majumdar. In Ahmed Muztaba Zamal (Ed.) Celluloid, Vol. 43 Issues 1 & 2 (pp. 58-60). Rainbow Film Society.

Conference Presentations

Dr. Ipsita Barat

  • Barat, I. (2022) Digital Fandom: A study of Online Fan Communities [Paper Presentation] International, online scientific conference titled New Media: Creativity +Innovation + Modernity organized by College of Social and Media Culture in Toruń Poland (Erasmus + program).
  • Barat I. (2022) Transmedia Imagination of Contemporary Hindi Cinema. 8 th Annual South Asian Media & Cultural Studies virtual conference organized by Florida State University, College of Communication & darkrmation.
  • Barat I. (2021). Transmedia Narrative of Hindi Cinema. 7th International Conference hosted online by the department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies, Delhi.

Resource Persons

Dr. Ipsita Barat

  • Invited Speaker, Screenwriting Workshop, Netaji Nagar College, Kolkata on 04.10.21.
  • Invited Speaker, Webinar titled Literature and Cinema: An Intersection, organized by the Department of English, Royal School of Languages, Royal Global University, Guwahati on 03.12.21.
  • Invited (delegate) discussant, Woman in Cinema Conference, Dhaka International Film Festival on 16.01.22 & 17.01.22.
  • Invited to the Academy of Social Media and Culture in Torun, Poland, under Erasmus Staff Mobility for teaching specified under the ERASMUS + programme.
  • Developed MOOC course Techniques of Ethnographic Filmmaking 2022 (2 credits) as Programme Instructer (P.I) from 07.02.22 – 03.04.22.
  • Resource person for the MOOC course, Sociology of Media 2022 [Ongoing].

Dr. Shenjuti Dutta

  • Resource person for the Induction Training of WBICS & WBSICS officers of I&CA department on the topic "Early Cinema and Emergence of Narrative" on 06.06.22.
  • Special Lecture for the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, Netajinagar College on the topic "The Language of the Cinema" on 30.05.22.
  • Judge for Students' Seminar at Ecclasia, MILIEU, Presidency University on 11.05.22.
  • Two special online lectures at the Department of Sociology, WBSU on the topic Society in Bengal: Identities and Ideologies on 21.04.2022 and 28.04.22.
  • Workshop on Literature and Films at department of Bengali, Gurudas College, on 15.03.22.
  • MOOC lecture titled "Filmmaker and the Filmed - Gender, Class, Ethnicity" on 10.02.22.
  • Panelist, "Violence Against Women and Me-Too Movement" atWomen's Studies Centre, Rabindra Bharati University on 05.12.21.