NIHIL ULTRA: Nothing Beyond



The St. Xavier's College Observatory (SXCO) has been recently christened Fr. Eugene Lafont Observatory The former observatory was erected in 1875 and was equipped with an 8'' (200 cm) Cooke Refractor telescope on German equatorial mount with achromatic doublet for solar spectroscopic and planetary observations by Father Lafont (S.J), a key figure behind the propagation of science in post-renaissance Bengal. The observatory was briefly refurbished in 2006 by appending up a motorized drive for dome rotation, but it was becoming apparent that the old structure has outlived its time. In 2006, The Department of Physics started a P.G course with special emphasis in Astrophysics and the revival of the SXCO was taken up as a priority project. In 2010, the College applied for the FIST grant, which DST had made available for colleges for the first time.

Computerized German Equatorial mount Celestron CG Pro telescope with 14" aperture Schmidt Cassegrain optical tubes was procured with the help of the aforesaid grant. Additional resources such as fully motorized dome for night observations, Observation deck, Retractable day roof observatory and data analysis have been introduced.