Activities of Faculty members

  • Dr. Sanjib Ganguly: Resource Person in international webinar on “Impact of Covid-19 on education at institutions of Higher Education across the globe” on 25th April, 2022 organized by Central Connecticut State University, USA.

Research publications of the Faculty Members:

  • Azo-oximate metal-carbonyl to metallocarboxylic acid via the intermediate Ir(III) radical congener: quest for co-ligand driven stability of open- and closed-shell complexes: S. Dinda, S. Pramanik, J. Basu, S. C. Patra, K. Pramanik and Sanjib Ganguly, Dalton Trans., 2022, 51, 10121-10135.
  • A perspective on exploration of synthetic reaction pathways of stable metallocarboxylic acids and structural features of MCOOH moiety: S. Pal, S. Dinda and Sanjib Ganguly, J. Organomet. Chem., 2022, 968-969, 122355.
  • Diarylazooxime complex of cobalt(III): synthesis, structure, ligand redox, DFT calculations and spectral characteristics: S. Dinda, Koushik Sarkar, B. K. Panda, K. Pramanik and Sanjib Ganguly, Transition Metal Chemistry, 2022, 47, 31–38
  • Molecular and Electronic Structures, Spectra, Electrochemistry and Anti‐bacterial Efficacy of Novel Heterocyclic Hydrazones of Phenanthrenequinone and Their Nickel (II) Complexes: S. Dinda, D. Maitra, B. Roy, P. Khan, A. Samajdar, Arup Kumar Mitra, S. Roy, A. Mondal, K. Pramanik and Sanjib Ganguly, Chemistry Select, 2022,
  • Role of surface active materials (amphiphiles and surfactants) in the formation of nanocolloidal dispersions, and their applications. Satya Priya Moulik, Indranil Chakraborty, Animesh Kumar Rakshit, J. Surf. Detergents. Accepted, DOI: 10.1002/jsde.12612.
  • Rhodamine 6G-based efficient chemosensor for trivalent metal ions (Al3+, Cr3+ and Fe3+) upon single excitation with applications in combinational logic circuits and memory devices. Dipankar Das, Rabiul Alam and Mahammad Ali, Analyst, 2022, 147, 471.

Faculty Development Program attended by the Faculty members:

Dr. Rahul Sharma, Mr. Dipankar Das and Dr. Koushik Sarkar attended “The Nuances of Scientific Writing and Publishing” from 11th July to 19th 2022 by All India Association for Christian Higher Education, New Delhi and Madras Christian College (Autonomous), Chennai.

Seminars and lectures:

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8th January, 2020: Department of Chemistry, SXC, organized one-day seminar entitled “Recent Advances in Chemical and Biological Sciences: International Chapter” comprising of four lectures by eminent scientists from US and India. In the first session, Prof. Prasanta Kumar Das (IACS, Kolkata – India) and Dr. Sanjib Ganguly (SXC, Kolkata) delivered their lectures. The next two speakers, respectively, were Dr. Herman Sintim (Purdue University, USA) and Dr. Pradip Maity (CSIR-NCL, Pune – India). View Image
On 20th August, 2021, Prof. Debasis Das, Registrar and Professor in Chemistry, Calcutta University delivered an online lecture on Bioinorganic Chemistry as a part of DBT Star College programme of Department of Chemistry.
17th and 24th February, 2022: Department of Chemistry, SXC, organized 2-day webinar entitled “Recent Advances in Chemical and Biological Sciences’ 22” comprising of four lectures by eminent scientists from US and Canada. Among them two were our ex-students; Dr. Devleena Samanta, (currently an Assistant Professor at University of Texas at Austin); and Dr. Saurja Das Gupta, (pursuing his post-doctoral research at Harvard Medical School and Massechusetts General Hospital in the group of Noble Laureate Prof. J. W. Szostak). The other two lectures were delivered by Dr. Sourav Chakraborty of Central Connecticut University, USA and Dr. Ajoy Basak of University of Ottawa, Canada. View Image
2nd August, 2022: An ex-student of the department, Dr. Soumya Mukherjee, currently engaged to the Department of Neurology, Washington University, delivered a lecture to UG students of Chemistry. View Image
15th and 16th September, 2022: “National Seminar on Chemical Sciences- NSCS 2022, from Academia to Industry” where a total of eight lectures were delivered by eminent scientists and industry professionals like Prof. Anindya Datta of IITB, Prof. Modhu Sudan Maji of IITKGP, Professor Gopal Das of IITG, Dr. Amitava Pramanik, Professor, IISc. Bangalore (Ex-Director, HUL), Prof. Jyotirmayee Dash of IACS Kolkata, Prof. Ankan Paul of IACS Kolkata, Prof. Sanjit Konar of IISER Bhopal, and Prof. Sujoy Baitalik of JU). A scientific poster session was held for students/ research scholars and faculty members. There was also a poster session for the students and researchers. View Image
Prof. Sharba Bandyopadhyay of Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, IITKGP delivered a classroom lecture on 16/11/2022 for the students of the departments of Chemistry, Physics, Microbiology and Biotechnology. View Image
On January 05, 2023 department organized a panel discussion on career opportunity and on “Career Opportunities in Academia & Industry”. The panelists were Dr. Sourav Chakraborty of Central Connecticut University, US; Dr. Syamantak Ray, Fulbright post-doctoral fellow at UC Berkeley, US and Mr. Anirban Basak, MBA, Assistant Manager, The Smart Cube, India. View Image