Course Outcome of PG HISTORY

At the end of the course, the students will be able to develop an understanding about the varied aspects of historiographical study, both Indian and Western. The intensive and analytical study of the Indian socio-political-economic and cultural fields will help them to acquire more critical perspective towards the historical process of India. The students will also acquire the in-depth knowledge about the significant chapters of the European history. The course included various discursive fields important to the contemporary research e.g the study of Gender, International relations, Science and Technology, Visual culture etc. Thorough study of the historical events and relevant approaches will help the students to acquire the historical knowledge leading them to apply the lesson for the present and future. They will also learn the necessary skill of writing and research as well as the methodology. They will be able to identify and define the basic concepts of history; will develop broader outlook towards intercultural and interregional features; will be able to connect between the national and global perspectives.