Events: Sahyog'24
Posted On : 25-01-2024

Sahyog '24, an initiative led by the NCC cadets of St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata, aimed at community service at Missionaries of Charity Premdan, an old age home housing around 500 elderly residents. The event resurged after its last chapter held in the year 2019 due to the pandemic, unfolded on 26th January 2024, commencing with a grand inauguration.

Commencement of the Program:

The event began with the gracious presence of the Head Sister, who inaugurated Sahyog '24. The ceremony commenced with a bouquet and a Certificate frame as an expression of gratitude, symbolizing the college's commitment to community service. The national flag was hoisted, accompanied by a soul-stirring rendition of the national anthem, signifying the patriotic spirit that underlined the day's activities.

Performances and Entertainment by the Cadets:

The entertainment segment featured lively performances by our NCC cadets. A dance performance, blending patriotic and Bollywood songs, enthralled the elderly residents. The highlight was the "Naatu Naatu" dance, which brought joy and laughter to the faces of the elderly. A cultural dance show and soulful singing further added to the festive atmosphere.

Our cadets also displayed their strong oratory skills and performed recitation in front of the elderly which was quite applauded .

Speeches of Gratitude:

ANO Maj. Dr. Atish Prasad Mondal and ANO Raghabpur Campus NCC Prof. Swaraj Nandan expressed their gratitude to Missionaries of Charity for allowing the NCC to organize Sahyog '24. Their speeches highlighted the importance of such initiatives in fostering community bonds and instilling a sense of responsibility among the youth.

Lunch and Crowdfunding:

A sumptuous lunch for 500 people sponsored by NCC through a crowdfunding amount of Rs. 25,000 collected by the cadets, was served to the elderly residents. Cadets actively assisted in cleaning and maintaining the premises, reinforcing the commitment to holistic community service.

Donations and Fun Activities:

After lunch, a donation drive saw the distribution of clothes and other essential items to the elderly residents. Enclosed are details of the items donated. The event also included engaging activities such as thumb painting and craft sessions, providing a platform for the elderly to showcase their creativity.


The Sahyog '24 initiative concluded on a positive note, with a sense of self-satisfaction and accomplishment resonating among the NCC cadets. This event not only strengthened the bonds between St. Xavier's College and Missionaries of Charity but also exemplified the spirit of community service ingrained in the NCC. The college and the NCC unit are delighted to have organized an event that not only brought joy to the elderly but also instilled a sense of responsibility and compassion in the hearts of our cadets.

Details of Donated Items

1st year

1. CDT Adityaa Dani -20 pcs pens, 1 packet toffee

2. CDT Tanisha Jain - 10pc shawl cum blanket  5pair socks

3. CDT Deep Sharma - 10 pens & 25 packet biscuits.

4. CDT Simon Masey - Board Games

5. CDT Anjali Mohata - 20 pens

6. CDT Mantasha imtiaz-pens

7. CDT Pranendu Chatterjee - old clothes

2nd year

1. SGT Umul Soren-  Iron, toothpaste & brush, chaipatti, towel

2. SGT Siddhi Sarda-20 Pens and 5 notebooks

3. CPL Ronald D' Rozario- 10 pens

4. CPL Roshni Singhal- 50 packets of biscuits, 3 bedsheets , 5 copies

5. CPL Surajit Mondal- copies

6. CPL Adhitya Vedhantham- 20 pens 3 notebooks

7. CPL Deepak Kumar Roy - 1 pack pens

8. CPL Shreya munda- 20 pens

9. LCPL Shizan Alam- notebooks and pens

10.LCPL Elizabeth- food items

11. CDT Ayushman Lal-10 pens

12.CDT Shreeynshu Das- 5 notebooks

13. CDT Jennifer Rana- pens and toffey

14.CDT Shreya Mukhopadhyay (wollen clothes)

15. CDT Saksham Arya Deo - 10Kg Atta

16. CDT Rayen Rudra Gomes-7 notebooks and water colour(rangoli)

3rd Year

1. JUO Aliza Ahmed 50 kg rice.

2.  CSM Kristina Das 50 mufflers ( towels)